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You were right!  It doesn't have to be that hard.

Edit Screen

Easy Editing

The Mistral software has been designed to make it easy to create new setups for your keypads. The graphical interface allows you to drag and drop new items (switches, LEDs, etc.) and then drag them around to change their position. Click on an item to edit its name, pin numbers and resistance value or test current. You can add lines to make it easy to orient the part during test and text to provide extra instructions.

You can also let the Mistral do all the work. Simply connect a known good keypad and click the Learn button. The software will automatically create items for each keypad element it finds. You can move items around and name them while learning, or go back and edit them later. You can even place all the items yourself and then let the Mistral software learn the connections for you.

Easy Testing

The Mistral software makes testing fast and easy as well. By using audible feedback from the Mistral pod, you can test a keypad without looking at the computer. You'll know if it's good or bad just by the sound. And when the part's done, just press the space bar to start testing the next keypad.

If you want more information, color coding makes it easy to see which items on the keypad passed, failed or still need to be tested. Resistances are displayed in the switch items. If an item fails, pass the mouse over it to find out what the problem is.

The software also keeps track of the number of parts you've tested, how many passed and how many you have left to do to complete the job. When the job's done this information, along with the operator's name and the job number, is logged for future reference. You also have the option of saving a separate job log file in two formats. You can choose either an easy-to-read summary including average switch resistances, number of failures per switch, etc. or a detailed, tab delimited report that includes results for each keypad tested.

View the Mistral Help files online for more information.

You can also download a fully functional version of the Mistral software.

Test Screen

We based the Mistral software on our feature rich Stingray Keypad Test System software. Since 2001 the Stingray Keypad Test System was continually refined. Many of the new features added were in response to suggestions from our customers. And all of these enhancements are available free from our Stingray Software Update page. We'll continue to improve the Mistral software and you'll always be able to download updates for free from the Mistral Software Update page.

Some more of our unique features...

  • Specify switch and permanent connection reistance as Max/Min Res or Nominal Res/Tolerance
  • Measures LED Forward Voltage and Reverse Leakage Current
  • Visually inspect LEDs one at a time, cycle through them automatically (with adjustable rate) or skip "illumination" test altogether
  • Set the order that LEDs are illuminated
  • Design and print custom labels with over a dozen possible fields plus graphics
  • Communicate with external hardware or another test system for test automation
  • Automatic and manual serial numbering of keypads
  • Switch life cycle testing with full logging capability
  • Password protection that not only prevents the operator from editing a file but keeps them from creating new files or editing the system configuration
  • Set default file location so files for multiple Mistrals can be stored on a common server
  • Optional messages to display to operator when a keypad passes or fails
  • Optional password to continue testing if a part fails
  • Complete control over logging of test results including automatic logging without operator intervention
  • Excel® readable log format
  • Multiple switch, LED, etc. icon sizes
  • Actual keypad picture can be used as background for test window.
  • Ability to set all maximum switch resitances, LED currents, etc. to new default values
  • Probe function; touch a probe to any point on a keypad to identify a pin number and assign it to an item
  • PC sound card support (including headphone use) and control for sound output from the PC and the pod

System Requirements
  • 20MB Hard Disk space
  • Windows® Vista SP2 or newer
  • One available USB port

Windows and Excel are a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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