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A tester that does what you want.

Mistral Pod Engineering Solutions brings our proven approach to customer service and support to the membrane switch test equipment market with the Mistral Keypad Test System.

We feel the Mistral is the easiest to use, most full featured system on the market. We realize though that the only person who really knows how the product should work is you. That's why we welcome comments and suggestions from our customers. Since the beginning of 2001 we added over 20 new features to Mistral's predecessor, the Stingray. Most of these additions were made in response to suggestions from our customers.

We'll continue to improve the Mistral and new features will be available to all Mistral users. You can always get the latest software and updates on-line for free. You'll also get a revision summary listing what's changed so you can decide if you want to download an update.

We also provide tech support information on our site. If we hear about a problem or have a suggestion, we'll post it there ASAP. Yes, you'll see any bugs, along with work-arounds or software updates that have fixed the problem. We'd rather admit if there is a bug than let our customers struggle to figure out what's wrong.

And of course you can always call us with questions or suggestions. We pride ourselves on having fast, responsive tech support.

We should also mention our recently expanded selection of adapters, again in response to customer requests. If we don't have the configuration you need, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

So please take a moment to learn more about the Mistral Keypad Test System. You can download a fully functional version of the Mistral software to try. The software can be run in "Simulation" mode so you can see for yourself how easy it is to learn and test keypads, using your computer keyboard to simulate a switch assembly.

Compare the Mistral Keypad Test System to any other product on the market. We think you'll agree that it's the New Switch Test Leader.

Here are some of the new features we've added that our customers wanted...
  • Design and print custom labels
  • Communicate with external hardware or another test system
  • Optionally skip "illumination" test for LEDs
  • Specify switch and permanent connection reistance as Max/Min Res or Nominal Res/Tolerance
  • Max permanent connection resistance raised from 75k to 10Meg
  • Faster LED cycle rate during testing
  • Automatic and manual serial numbering of keypads
  • Switch life cycle testing with full logging capability
  • Comment fields for test logs
  • Password protection that not only prevents the operator from editing a file but keeps them from creating new files or editing the system configuration
  • Ability to change the default file location so files for multiple Mistrals can be stored on a common server
  • Testing of multiple LEDs in series
  • Setting of LED illumination test sequence
  • Improved Excel® readable log format
  • Smaller switch, LED, etc. icon sizes
  • Save program window state (normal or maximized)
  • Ability to set all maximum switch resitances, LED currents, etc. to new default values
  • Probe function; touch a probe to any point on a keypad to identify a pin number and assign it to an item
  • Ability to use cursor keys to move icons, lines and text instead of only being able to move them using the mouse
  • PC sound card support (including headphone use) and control for sound output from the PC and the pod


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