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Access Code Capacity up to 1000 codes/users

Access Codes 4 to 7 digit code entered at Accessor keypad to gain access to key compartment or activate an electric strike

Access Levels 5 access levels, each user is assigned an access code & access level, no limit to number of users with a particular access level (other than max # of users)

Level 1: Master - unrestricted access, can delete any Level 2-5 user code at the Accessor, can add Level 2-4 user code at the Accessor (New 2001)

Level 2: Emergency - unrestricted access

Level 3: Supervisor - unrestricted access, can delete any Level 4-5 user code at the Accessor, can add Level 4 user code at the Accessor (New 2001)

Level 4: Worker - access restricted based on Group Schedules, vacations and Level 4 Lockout

Level 5: Temporary User - restricted access dates with a limited number of entries allowed in addition to Level 4 restrictions

Vacations each Level 4-5 user may have up to 4 vacation periods during which they are denied normal entry access

Group Schedules up to 8 user groups for Level 4 & Level 5 users; each group has a schedule of times, days of the week & holidays during which group members are allowed access

Holidays list of dates access may be denied to Level 4-5 users through Group Schedules

Level 4 Lockout Level 1 and Level 3 codes can be used to deny normal entry access to Level 4 & Level 5 users (New 2001)

Tamper Lockout inhibits unauthorized code "guessing" by ignoring keypresses after detecting multiple invalid codes being entered

Daylight Savings Time automatic or manual Accessor clock adjustments

Low Battery Indication warbles on initial keypress when low battery detected, operation continues for approx 500 entries after low battery indication begins

Nonvolatile Memory all access codes, schedules and logs are stored in nonvolatile memory and are retained even without batteries

Log Capacity log capacity is dependent upon the number of users, ranges from 4000 logged events @ 110 users to 2000 logged events @ 1000 users

Logged Events all activity at the Accessor including normal entries and programming is logged, with user identity & date/time stamp

Wall Latch Release valid Level 1 access code or the Release Wall Latch Code allows removal or installation of Accessor from wall mounting bracket

Serial Communication Code authorizes Accessor serial communications with the PC


12-Key Keypad 0 to 9 keys for entering a code, CLR is the Clear key and FCN key is for Function Codes or when deleting a user

Electric Strike Model activates a relay when a valid access code is entered, access to the key compartment is only allowed to Level 1, 2 and 3 users

Battery Life one year / 35000 entries guaranteed over the -30 to +135 F operating temperature range, typically three years / 60000 entries in normal 60 to 80 F room temperature

Warranty one year limited warranty

Dimensions 5.5"tall x 3.2"wide x 2.8"deep

Included With All Models owner's manual, wall mounting bracket, 4 lag screws, allen wrench, jumpstart cable

Product specifications are for 2001 Accessor 4000 using ACE V2.0 or later software. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Some features listed require the Accessor to be programmed using ACE software.

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