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Gate/Fence Gate/Fence Gate/Fence
  • Mounts directly onto a fence or gate replacing padlocks
  • Valid code releases the latch, allowing access to the shackle pin, which releases one end of the chain shackle for entry through the gate
  • Accessor also has a "J" hook to hold keys if needed
  • Includes fence mounting bracket, weather/vandal housing and chain shackle (chain not included)
  • Weather resistant design for outdoor use

Was $999*
Now $679

P/N: ACC4000 G

  • For use with padlock or other type of gate (chain and padlock not included)
  • Holds key on a 48-inch retractable cable preventing key loss
  • Includes fence mounting bracket and weather/vandal housing for mounting onto fence or gate
  • Weather resistant design perfect for locations where outdoor security is required

Was $929
Now $629

P/N: ACC4000 P

Padlock/Fence Padlock/Fence

Key Caddy Key Caddy
  • Mounted on or near existing door lock using included mounting bracket
  • Holds door key on a 48-inch retractable cable preventing key loss
  • Valid code releases the latch, allowing access to key to unlock door
  • Eliminates need to carry keys or cards

Was $829
Now $549

P/N: ACC4000 C

Key Hook
  • Key(s) are placed on a "J" hook
  • Allows multiple keys to be used
  • Unit may be placed further away from the lock
  • Ideal for use with glass doors or where the unit cannot be easily mounted adjacent to the lock

Was $809
Now $539

P/N: ACC4000 H

Key Hook

Electric Strike Electric Strike Electric Strike
  • Valid code activates an electric strike or other electrical door opening device
  • Holds keys on a "J" hook for use in the event of a building power failure
  • Restricted access to key compartment
  • System can be configured to fail safe or fail secure

Was $829
Now $549

P/N: ACC4000 E

* All prices are suggested retail

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