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Welcome to the Engineering Solutions Inc. (ESi) web site. We are an electronic engineering firm that provides custom hardware and software for embedded applications. ESi also manufactures the Omniguard, a digital manometer (negative pressure monitor) used in asbestos, lead and mold abatement, the Accessor, a programmable security device for access control, and the Mistral Keypad Test System, an improved version of our Stingray, for testing membrane switch keypads. We have been located just south of Seattle, Washington since 1988.

News Highlights
Omniguard Communications V4.3.1 software is available with firmware for the latest Omniguards with built-in cell modems. Once you install the firmware and register you'll be able to receive emails from your Omniguard for free. view
Omniguard Communications V4.3.0 software is available with support for Omniguards with built-in cell modems. view
Registration page added for new Omniguard with built in cell modem. view
Mistral Keypad Test System V4.0.3 software available. Adds Spanish language support and fixes a number of problems including trouble reading older files, printing the time and data labels and learning with the new 94 point systems. view
Omniguard Communications V4.2.1 software is available with support for the latest Omniguards. view
94 test point Mistral now available.view
Mistral Keypad Test System V4.0.2 available. This version is a complete update of the software using Microsoft's latest development platform. It also has better error indication when switches must be pressed in a certain sequence during testing. view
New, lower priced Remote Auxilliary Alarm for Omniguards. view
New Mistral and Stingray test adapters available. view
Updated firmware for the new Omniguard with touch screen lets you easily switch between English, French or Spanish user interface and printout. view
Omniguard Communications V4.2.0 software is available with support for the Omniguard with touchscreen set to French or Spanish. view
New Mistral and Stingray test adapters available. view
Updated information for the new Omniguard is finally available. view
A French version of firmware is now available for the new Omniguard. view
Updated firmware for the new Omniguard with touch screen offers eight times the job log space and the ability to save individual jobs to a flash drive or your computer. view
Omniguard Communications V4.1.1 software is available with support for V8.4 firmware for the new Omniguard with touchscreen. view
New firmware for the Omniguard with improved cellular wireless modem support is available in the latest release of Omniguard Updater. view
Omniguard Communications V4.1.0 software available with support for the new Omniguard with touchscreen. view
Mistral Keypad Test System V3.5.1 software available. This release lets you test two pin bi-color LED's, supports lower LED test currents and includes the latest Windows 8 drivers. view
Omniguard Communications V4.0.4 software released with new drivers for Windows 8. view
Mistral Keypad Test System V3.5.0 software available. This release adds the ability to view the results for the last 100 keypads during a test and includes several new features for label printing. view
Omniguard Communications V4.0.0 software released. Microsoft .NET program with updated support for the new Omniguard 4 WiFi Adapter. view
Omniguard 4 and Omniguard 4 WiFi Adapter firmware update available. view
Update Accessor USB drivers to support Windows 7. view
Update Mistral USB drivers to support Windows 7. view
Omniguard Communications V3.3.2 software released. This version adds the ability to export logged pressure readings in a tab delimited format. The resulting text file can be read by programs such as Excel for data analysis and graphing. view
Information on the new Omniguard 4 WiFi Adapter available. view
Stingray Keypad Test System V2.1.1 software available. This update adds the ability to do a continuous permanent connection test and prevents error messages from being displayed when Mistral files are detected. view
New Omniguard 4 with dual USB ports is available! The lastest version of our popular manometer supports an optional cellular wireless modem so you can notify offsite personel of alarm conditions via text message or email. The additional USB port also lets you save logs directly to a flash drive. Plus there's four times more log space, a brighter LCD display and more. view
ACE V2.1.0 sofware for the Accessor software available. This software improves communication on some computers and fixes a problem with editing of Group Holidays. view

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